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What is new?

We have structured this course in such a way that children will enjoy their learning. The course will bring a new vision for Reading and spelling by learning the Logics of English Spelling.

What are the Logics of English Spelling?

English is a type of language which follows Logics and patterns with its limited number of letters rather than having letters for all the sounds. Currently, most of the teaching methods focus only on phonics sounds, but not logic which is also important for English spelling and reading.
The course reveals all the logic and helps the student to decode them in their reading and spelling. We follow Spellzone from Ireland, United Kingdom.

The program has 4 levels where the logics are taught accordingly.

1. Starter level – Introduces the sounds and it blends.
2. Basic Level - Introduces the basic logic.
3. Intermediate level- Revises the basic logic and teaches the next level logic and spelling pattern along with their rule breakers.
4. Advance level – Revises the previous logic and teaches the advanced level of the logic with their rule breakers. Also, the difference between the American and British spelling.

How does it work?

Classes will be conducted by perfectly trained teachers under the supervision of experienced language trainers through ZOOM or MS Team. It will be always an interactive session where we make sure the children enjoy the learning. Practice and, Assessments will be given through Spellzone tasks, Google forms, worksheets in profile page etc.
The level of the students can be decided by screening them with proper analysis methods. Special Care will be taken for slow learners and Dyslexic students.



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