Handwriting Competition

Why handwriting matters?

Proficient writing has a soothing flow and rhythm. This is one skill not being replaced by technology.
Good handwriting skills lead to stronger academic performance.
Using pen and paper boosts memory, it tends to resonate better in our memory.
Writing is part of students daily lives… write effortlessly enables the mind to focus more on a topic.
The Value of Handwriting goes beyond school.

Competitions for Students of classes 1 to 8 will be held classwise and classes 9, 10, 11 & 12 will be combined as one group.

Competition starts from the school and is open for students from Classes I to XII. Qualified students will be invited for the State Level and National Level. There will be a nominal participation fee at each level inclusive of certificates, medals, trophies, taxes.

School level: Rs.150

State level: Rs.400

National Mega Final: Rs.840


Certificate of Merit to qualifiers
Certificate of Appreciation to non-qualifiers

1st to 5 th Rank: Trophy + Certificate of Rank
6th to 50 th Rank: Medal + Certificate of Rank
Participation Certificate for others

1st Rank: Rs. 5000/- each + Trophy + Certificate of Rank
2nd Rank: Rs. 3000/- each + Trophy + Certificate of Rank
3rd Rank: Rs. 1000/- each + Trophy + Certificate of Rank
4th to 10 th Rank: Trophy + Certificate of Rank
11th to 100 th Rank: Medal + Certificate of Rank

For Handwriting Competition


Mostly teachers parents insist students to write properly neatly, write big or small, write slowly beautifully etc. but nobody tells them how to write. We teach student "HOW" to write. We teach and concentrate on the right way of writing, sitting, holding pen or pencil creating and joining fonts.

This program helps to write fast and effectively. With practice one will improve his writing as well as increase the speed. We give special and constant attention to each alphabet while training, because each alphabet has its own strong and unique effect. There is no short cut for improvement of Handwriting, Practice and dedication is the only ways to get good handwriting. It is a simple, practice based curriculum. Here we teach how to create and join fonts how to write in flow.


Practise worksheets will be uploaded by the coordinators to the respective student's dashboard, where the child can download the worksheet and practise the same and upload the practised worksheets in the same dashboard.Coordinators will then valuate the worksheets and provide the corrective measures to the students. This cyclic process happens unless and until the student is improved.